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Darien Waggoner is a Graphic Designer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After mastering his drawing skills of boats using crayons on walls as a child, working his way up to design gigs as a teenager, and taking on an opportunity as a paste-up artist for a daily newspaper out of high school, he continued his educational path in design school, sealing a career in graphic design and illustration.
"Art and design shape my life. The challenge of good design pumps my blood. For every design challenge, there are effective solutions that shouldn’t be compromised. And yet, the world is full of lifeless, meaningless design. My goals and focus include finding the lifeline for great, conceptual design in every project I create."
In addition to designing logos/identity, hand-lettered graphics, packaging, icons, and other creative challenges, Darien has mastered designing art and textiles for the apparel industry, decorating the clothing of men, women, and children from mass market to high-end retail. Some of his art has made interesting appearances including on NBA fundraiser tees to a popular television show.
"While working on a design project one night, I looked up and saw anAmerican Idol contestant wearing a woven, button up shirt I designed the art for. I was elated to say the least!"
Darien's love for taking on creative challenges began as a young artist drawing boats on walls...and he continually looks forward to each new journey the next boat takes him.

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